Monday, March 7, 2011

Still wiped out from the weekend

I did "sorta" workout tonight, but I'm almost embarassed to even call it a workout. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical and did some very simple Total Gym squats that didn't even raise my heart rate and by the end of the whole thing I had barely broken a sweat. I was just too exhausted to do much. Ugh...I hope to be well rested tomorrow. I'm going to bed early tonight. Thank goodness the trainer is coming tomorrow night to push me to a full hour of sweat.

I did a "quick" grocery run to stock up on some staples and left the store feeling so content with the fact that I didn't feel the need to buy anything I shouldn't have. It's a great feeling to see the cookies/chips/whatever on the shelf and be able to walk past it without grabbing it...while still knowing I actually could have it if I really wanted to. I just didn't want to. Wow...this is what "normal" must feel like to skinny people. In my prior life, I was always "about to start a diet" so would eat everything as if I would "never" get to eat it again. I was very much hoping that the band would help me change this habbit...and I think it totally has.

I put some chicken in the slow cooker tonight...attempting something I've never done before. I have a ton of "bone in" chicken in my freezer that I need to cook so I'm trying to cook it with taco seasoning and water in hopes that it will all just fall off the bone tomorrow and I'll have some great taco meat to portion up and put back in the freezer. I live for my portion controlled pre-cooked meals...I probably should take a picture of all my 1-cup Ziploc containers in the freezer. So far I keep a pretty constant supply of the following:

  • Black Bean Chili (312 cal, 30g prot)
  • Tortilla Soup Broth (Authentic Mexican Recipe from Food Network) (74 cal, 3g prot)
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup (from a package) (128 cal, 14g prot)
  • Potato Soup with Turkey Kielbasa (229cal, 10g prot)
  • Irish Oatmeal (150 cal, 5g prot)
  • Shredded Beef (Authentic Mexican recipe from Food Network) (234 cal, 20g prot)

These little frozen 1-cup servings are a LIFESAVER for me. Every day I pack my lunch bag with a frozen oatmeal for breakfast (I'm not good at eating before leaving for work), a soup or chili for lunch, and my Laughing Cow cheese wedge and 5 mini-crackers from Trader Joes for 1 snack, a cheese stick for another snack, and a sugar free pudding and a Activia yogurt to add to any of the meals if I feel like I need more food. Then I throw in a protein shake for dinner on the days when I can't eat solid food due to working out. I'm someone who can pretty happily eat the same thing every day during the week...and this totally works for me. Usually this helps me keep my calories low so that if I still want something after the workout or want to eat real food for dinner, I can. Tonight I had a Trader Joe's "Reduced Guilt" mac and cheese for 270 calories...totally hit the comfort food spot I needed it to hit.

I hope the chicken turns out...I've had a craving for some taco salad lately!


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan. I tend to eat the same things too. Just makes my life a little easier.

  2. I wish I could eat the same things!! I get so bored with food!! But you are doing great pre portioning things! All those soups sound yummy too!!

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  4. Good plan, my dear! I always measure my foods out. It's became a must have. I can hardly eat out anymore stressing over portion size and calories I don't know about.

  5. Does Irish Oatmeal have a bit of Bailey's in it?

    Your work out sounds pretty good to me! I have "sorta" worked out for the last year and lost 108+ lbs. I never go to the gym. I seldom work up a sweat. My daily work outs consist of walking my dog and riding my bike to work 3 times a week.

  6. I love the slow cooker idea! I am glad I came on here and saw this post! I'm going to check out a few of those food network recipes. Also, this post inspired me to follow your blog :-)

  7. Band Geek...I hope you got my email! :)

    I wish the comments on here were a little more like FB where you can comment back on specific items and get notifications. LOL...I guess I'm FB spoiled.