Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

I told myself I would get up at 5am and workout this morning since I won’t have any time after work today. *Snort*…yeah, that didn’t happen. I’m trying to do a few things throughout the day…like maybe take the stairs for bathroom breaks…but these don’t really get my heart rate up because I move so slow. Oh well…I will pump some time out on the elliptical tomorrow morning for sure. I did do a weight lifting session with the trainer last night though. I just wanted to get something in “every day” this week, so I'm disappointed in myself.

As it stands right now, I’m still good to go to the day spa…but my weight is fluctuating in an upward direction the last couple days, so it’s entirely possible that “TOM” is going to hit sometime today just as scheduled. I’m still crossing fingers and toes that it stays away for the next 48 hours though. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t call to schedule a facial at the spa in time to get an appointment. Darnit! This was going to be my birthday gift to myself.

But let’s count all the things I’ve bought myself in the last few months, shall we:

• Weight loss surgery
• Personal training sessions
• 2 Coach purse’s (at the outlet store and additional 20% off total purchase…I’m not totally insane)
• A new outfit
• New shoes
• Partylite crap
• A trip to Portland
• A body scrub at the spa tomorrow

My point is…I’ve done a LOT for myself lately…I need to probably focus on something or someone else for a while. LOL…why am I whining about a stupid facial? And look at what is going on in the world…as if I have REAL problems. Ugh…I feel so selfish right now.

Anyway…back to me…

Oy, did I have the munchies yesterday. What was THAT? I’ve been feeling soooo content with my current band “fill” status and then BAM…I could have eaten a house yesterday, I’m sure of it. Fortunately, I was confined to that which I had packed in my lunch bag…THANK GOODNESS….if this had been a weekend day where I was at home with unlimited options, who knows what havoc I could have wreaked! I’ve said it a thousand times…but thank goodness I work 5 days a week or else I would surely be enormous. I don’t know how I managed to survive being unemployed for 5 months. It is interesting, though, that if I had been going in for fills based on Dr. H’s timeline, I would be going in for Fill #3 on Monday. However, this month I shifted it back a week because of work issues so now I don’t go in till the 21st. It will be interesting to see how hungry I am over the next week while I wait for this, although I’m feeling slightly less ravenous today. Maybe this has all just been “head hunger”. Or...maybe another sign of TOM coming. UGH!

Speaking of food...I just ate my slow cooked chicken with my tortilla soup broth for have I lived without this for all these years???

Happy Friday everyone! I wish I wasn’t stuck at the office till 6…but I am. What can ya do, eh?


  1. Enjoy your spa day! I have never been to one but it is on my bucket list.
    I make chicken tortilla soup like once a week. It is yummy and filling and would probably be good for me if I didn't add cheese and avocado! he-he
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Have a great time at the spa, your purchases sound great, am very jealous!

  3. reading your blog REALLY just made me want to go get a facial!! lol

  4. Happy birthday and have a wonderful time at the spa!!!

  5. Hey girly! I'll catch up on your posts shortly - for now I am working on the Challenge for yesterday's weigh in - can you please submit your weigh in with the form located on the top of my blog?


  6. Have a great birthday, and don't beat yourself up too much about missing the gym, sometimes life just happens!