Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Officially counting down the days till fill #3

4 days...I gotta get through 4 days. Today was a nightmare! I caved...I totally caved! I had 260 calories worth of Doritos, 2 Jack in the Box tacos and a small order of fries...NONE of which were in my original plan for the day. My total caloric intake for today is 1750 with a whopping 53 grams of protein...hells bells, I get more protein on my 1000 calorie days! UGH Over 900 calories after 5pm ALONE!

I'm trying to stay calm about could have been way worse. I could have made horrible choices all day long instead of JUST after 5pm. And It's 1750 calories...not 2750 calories. It was just so wreckless and easy and I don't want to fall into old patterns.

Tomorrow will be better.

I'm taking a rest day from working out today because my right hip and both hip flexors are absolutely killing me...but it's the first rest day I've had since Friday. The trainer comes again is somewhat easier to control calories on workout days (although this didn't prove true yesterday where I still ate almost 1300ish calories, but at least I workedout).

It is absolutely amazing to me the difference between last week and this week with the restriction. I think we can safely assume that the 2 weeks before my period are going to be "tightish" from now on...but whatever restriction I once had is now gone...and so are the scale lows...and my ankle bones. Hopefully I will reunite with all these soon...till then it's back to the 240's on the scale, fluffy ankles and hunger every hour. Oy.


  1. We all have days like that! And as long as they are getting fewer and far-er between then we can control them better!! Good for you for sticking below 2000.

    Have a good work out!

  2. Don't beat yourself up. 1,750 calories is probably a weight maintenance amount rather than a weight loss amount. You're doing great!