Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I think I'm "in the zone"

I'm totally having a hard time believing it because I'm only 2 fills in...but I seriously think I'm in the zone. For now...anyway. I know things can change as I continue to lose. But I'm eating 1000-1200 calories a day and I'm rarely hungry. Granted this change seriously just started since maybe it's hormonal, but wow...I feel right. I also feel like if I get the fill Monday that I won't be able to get "enough" food in to keep my furnace burning. It seems bizarre to me that this change just kicked in a couple days ago--4 weeks since my last fill...I'll never understand how that works. LOL

I called Dr. H's office today to see when my last chance to cancel next Monday's fill appointment would be...I was told I would be fine cancelling up to an hour I'm gonna see how this weekend goes and decide Monday morning. In the mean time, I've also scheduled another appointment for April 6 just in case I do decide to cancel Monday.

I've become totally addicted to photographing my morning weights now...thanks to the Spring Challenge. I know we only need to photograph the first and last entry...but I secretly (not so secretly anymore!) love having the pic to look at when I need motivation. Today, when I got home from work, I really didn't want to work out...but I looked at this mornings weight pic (which was a new low), and thought to "if I get out there and do my workout, this will go down more" I did.

Then I went out to the elliptical and told myself "just do 20 minutes at least...just so you can say you did something". Then 20 turned into 30...then 30 turned into 45! I so was planning to quit at 20 minutes and I still rocked out 45!!! WOHOO!!!


  1. I've only ever had two fills. For some of us, that's enough! I'm so happy you're in the "zone". That's such a great feeling.