Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey...I'm getting good at this picture thing!

Yesterday the hours just FLEW by…which was fabulous during the work day, but they continued their warp speed when I got home and ultimately resulted in me getting to bed way too late and having a lousy night sleep.

Generally speaking, yesterday was a weird band day. And by weird, I mean good…I just don’t know what or why it was “different”. I ate my oatmeal for breakfast at 8am, and then sipped a cup of tea and drank water for the next few hours. I never got hungry…not even for my favorite mid-morning snack. Halfway through the lunch hour I finally “decided” that I needed to eat because I wasn’t going to get another chance, so I finally heated up my chili. I ate it slowly, and didn’t even dive into my usual sugar-free pudding desert. Around 4pm I went ahead and ate my 5 mini-crackers and laughing cow cheese but still really wasn’t that hungry. I then drank my protein shake on the way home. It was bizarre to me to not be hungry at all through the whole day. I have no idea what has changed.

When I got home I started preparing my BBQ chicken for this week’s lunches and finally “sorta” got a little hungry so I ate one serving of it before my workout. I’m pretty sure, however, that if I had not started messing with prepping the food, the hunger still wouldn’t have come back.

I did 45 minutes on the elliptical last night, working up a hard-core sweat. I put in a really hard Tabata session on Sunday before my birthday dinner and boy were my abs feeling it yesterday! I’m bummed to say, however, after all this, that my scale is still trending up this week. Frustrating…but since I know I’m doing everything right, I’m not going to let it get to me.

My darling Adrienn, my cube-mate at work, brought in a bunch of size 18/20 shirts for me today. YAYYYY! Free clothes to get me through for the next little while…how exciting!!! And they are so cute…can’t wait to get home to try stuff on.

I took a couple of pics today of what my weekday lunchbox looks like. For the most part, this is all the food I will eat during the day. If I have time and or calories left when I get home, I might have something else…but this is pretty much it.

I love this lunch box because it has a little plastic liner-bucket that I can pull out and stick in the fridge or wash if stuff spills in it. It’s pretty much the right size for most anything I put in there.

Here is everything pulled out. So today’s lunchbox includes a container of pre-cooked frozen oatmeal, bbq chicken (actually two servings worth in that container), lettuce in a bowl large enough to mix up my bbq chicken salad. There is also .20 oz of shredded cheddar and 3 tortilla chips for the salad as well. I also have a cheese stick, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, 5 mini 12-grain crackers, a pudding cup (sugar free), jell-o cup (sugar free), yogurt cup and a protein shake.

So that’s it…that is almost exactly how I pack my bag every day except the main course changes. Sometimes it’s a bowl of chili, sometimes it’s fixins for a wrap (which this bbq chicken stuff tastes FABULOUS in!), sometimes it’s soup. MANY times some of these food items go home with me. I’m not big on Jell-o, and the yogurt get’s skipped more often than not, but I always pack them in case I have one of those munchy days.

And finally…here is a picture of my pathetic pants. As I said yesterday…my butt is shrinking. This “shrinkage” is causing the legs of my pants to “grow” in length…and now all my pants look stupid on me. Look! And I step on them ALL THE TIME! UGHHH!!!! I need my mom! She could sew…I can barely sew a button, let alone a hem. Not sure how my pant legs are going to survive this transitional time in my life.


  1. Wow you are organized with that food! Sounds like you are at the Sweet Spot right now - enjoy it! Hope it stays with you.

  2. You are amazing at this lunch planning thing! I am mega jealous and proud!

  3. Your lunch box looks great, I really ought to do the same!

  4. Looks good, planning is the key! About the pants, I love the iron on hem tape you can get a fabric stores, I used it on my kids pants when they were having big growth spurts, it stays on for several washings and when it starts to get loose, I just replace it, it's really easy.

  5. planning is so the key! I did so much better when I was working and had to plan. :/ Keep it up!