Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free at last!

It’s over! It’s finally over!

My 23 day period has finally come to an end. WOHOOO!!!!

Of course…my cycle is only 26 days long generally speaking…so I can expect it to start again any day now. BOOOOO!

I hope the next one is the “3-5 days” that it is supposed to be…and I hope it doesn’t come before Sunday! My birthday is this weekend and I’m planning a spa day with friends at the local “Women’s Day Spa” on Saturday where they don’t want you to come in if it’s “that time”. I’m crossing fingers and toes that I will be spared this one day even though TECHNICALLY it’s supposed to start like Friday. Come on PROGESTERONE….work some magic for me this week!!!

I was allowed to join (late) the Spring Challenge this morning (THANKS NIKKI!!!) and I submitted my start-weight photo (which, if I did it correctly, can be seen below). I used today because yesterday I was still up 2 pounds of water weight from the weekend and I knew it wasn’t a fair “starting point”. But you know what’s cool about today’s weight? IT’S ANOTHER LOW!!! I weighed in at 244.2 this morning. I’m down a pound since my Mega Rant day last week! This is FABULOUS!

From Mar 8, 2011

I can’t believe I’m also already 2 weeks away from my next fill appointment. It seems like time is flying so fast!

My chicken turned out great…my house smelled AMAZING when I got up this morning. I really need to use the slow cooker more often…what an easy way to make something moist and delicious. I had the chicken in a wrap today…tomorrow I’m going to put it in my tortilla soup broth. Mmmmm….I’m counting the hours till lunch.

I did a much MUCH better workout today. I even powered through a migraine that came on at the end. Unlike most migraine sufferers, mine aren’t all that painful…I just can’t see anything. But who needs to see when you’re doing dumbbell flat flies? See…that’s why I powered through. :)


  1. Your cycles sound just.like.mine. Stupid PCOS!

  2. That sucks about having such a heavy period. Hope you make it to the spa!

  3. I love my slow cooker!

    Periods suck. Big time :(

  4. I think I'm going to try "extending" my progesterone use just a few more days to see if I can keep it away a little longer. I really really want my body scrub this weekend...

  5. I hope you get to enjoy your spa day. Happy Birthday!

  6. Don't you just love being a woman! Ugh!