Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another fantastic weekend in the books

First of all…wow…40 Followers! You don’t know how awesome it is to know I have people out there that read this…and it truly helps me stay accountable. Thank you for following!!!

Friday night I was finally discharged from PT for the back pain that my workouts had caused. YAY! I’m usually NOT happy about being discharged from PT, but I feel very much like any progress I’m going to make now on the walking front is going to come with the improvements that I make with my fitness…so I’m ok not going to PT anymore…I do better on my own anyway. In this case, I really just wanted to learn how to exercise without causing so much extra pain…and I accomplished that.

After I finally got home at 8:30, I had to bathe my dog since his daycare had let him play in the rain all day.

This is my dog Peyton...looking very tired and totally resigned to the "bath time" situation...if you knew Peyton, you know that him sitting still for anything is nothing short of a miracle.

Post-bath, pre-blow dry...he's such a doll though. Isn't he the cutest dog ever???

Once this was finished, I began my first round of “power cooking” for my freezer. I made 10 servings of chili, 4 servings of Irish oatmeal, and 7 servings of spaghetti sauce over Dreamfields pasta. Everything was packaged in my individual serving containers and in the freezer before bed. It was my first time using Dreamfields…I had one of these single serving packs for dinner tonight…pretty good actually.

Saturday I got up and worked out for 65 minutes on my elliptical…I’m so damn proud of that!

I tried to get a picture of my dripping sweat after the workout...but I don't think it came out.

I then went to a movie with my friend Alan (where I ate a single Twizzler and I don’t feel a single bit of guilt about it) then did some cleaning and put together my WORLD FAMOUS (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) spinach artichoke dip and then headed over to Alan’s where we enjoyed the dip and he gave me my birthday massage. Fabulous. He really gives great massages!!! The dip, by the way, is about as high fat/high calorie as you can get. But I pre-portioned a few tortilla chips into a little baggie for myself and limited myself to that amount. I also ate pretty light the rest of the day to save room for this. We had planned this because we had ordered the dip at Applebee’s the week before and it was just dreck…mine is so much better.

This morning I got up and did my Tabata workout for 60 minutes, started a batch of “sweet and spicey short ribs” in the slow cooker, and then…

…then…I sorta…well…ummm….partially hurled myself into a possible emotional nightmare. It was planned though…and so far, I’m not reeling.

My ex came over and we spent the entire afternoon together. And it was pleasant…and easy…and fun…but I kept telling myself “it’s nothing, don’t make a big deal out of it”…and I know it was nothing….but when he was leaving he gave me “the eyes”…the ones that confuse me. I can’t get wrapped into him again unless I know he wants what I want this time…so for now, I’m trying to not let “the eyes” get to me. But it’s so hard…ugh…

I went into this weekend really trying to pay attention to my current band status so I could figure out if I should get the fill tomorrow or not. I gotta tell ya…I’ve been torn. Sometimes I feel like I need it, and then sometimes I’m afraid I won’t get enough calories if I get it. At this point, I’m pretty firmly in the “wait two more weeks” camp…so tomorrow morning I will call them at 8 a.m. and cancel. Wow…I just can’t believe I’m doing it. My scale is at 241 today. I didn’t make it to the 239 I was hoping for before tomorrow, but I’m so happy with how things are going.

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am with my decision to get the band…cuz I am…I wish I could have done this years ago!

One last picture...LOOK! I have collar bones and I'm not even TRYING to pose to show my collar bones...they are just there!


  1. Sounds like you had an extremely busy weekend.

    Be careful with "the eyes".

    Good job on the workouts.

    Listen to your body...if it's telling you to cancel the fill...then cancel the fill.

  2. Nice sweaty pic! You are rocking the exercise...which is the key to this whole thing.

    Your dog is super cute :)

  3. Your dog is adorable.

    It sounds like you are strolling through a minefield! Be careful!

  4. Congrats to you for working out!! That's fantastic. And your dog is a cutie!