Thursday, February 24, 2011

Successful business trip...I can't wait to get on the scale when I get home!

Business trips for me usually amount to roughly 5 pounds of weight least half of which is surely water due to excess sodium consumption, but the other half being from "allowing" myself to eat poorly since you have no choice but to dine out for every meal.

"Choice"....interesting that I used that word. I had choices pre-band...same choices I have now. But the band makes the choosing part so much easier.

I've been in Austin for two days now. I packed 3 protein drinks in my checked bag and my workout clothes. First night I did eat out for dinner, but only after all day of "not eating" since my healthy breakfast before leaving Seattle. For that meal I had a Ham and Cheese Crepe from the only restaurant in the hotel. No sides, no desert, no beverage...just the crepe.

My hotel offers a nice variety of free breakfast food, so yesterday I had a cheese omlet for breakfast. I then went to lunch with a colleague and ordered a burger. I chose not to eat the bun (except for maybe 3 bites)and only had 5 french fries before begging the waiter to take the plate away from me. Back in my room after the conference, I opted for my protein drink for dinner with a late snack of yogurt. I also did my HIIT workout in the hotel gym...bonus!

Today I had scrambled eggs and two paper thin pieces of bacon for breakfast, a chicken caesar salad for lunch (about 2 oz's of meat, no croutons, ate only half the lettuce served) and will probably do the shake for dinner. I did also take another yogurt and two hard boiled eggs and stashed them in the fridge in my room for later. I love this hotel...seriously.

I am surrounded by munchies at the conferrence, and colleagues that want to go out for every meal, but I'm holding strong. There's even a P.F. Changs accross from my hotel...pre-band, every meal would have certainly been there! LOL

This is working EXACTLY the way I had hoped...I'm feeling full, I don't think at this point a single person can tell that I'm eating in THAT different of a way, I haven't experienced any kind of PB'ing or stuck episodes yet (I don't count the one at the fell cuz that was in a controlled environment) now I'm just super hopeful that this all shows on the scale when I get home this weekend. Can't wait to see for myself!!!

I can...however...wait to return to the SNOW in Seattle. Can I just change my flight to somewhere sunny? Please????

Oh, one more thing...I DID notice a "tightening" on the airplane while we were flying...similar to the slow crawl feeling I had during the fill from hell, but not as severe. I worried a little that it would carry over after I landed...but no problems! Wohoo!!!


  1. Hi :) Way to go on what sounds like a very successful business trip! And rocking the gym while away, your dedication rocks!

    && I'm so happy to have you as a part of the challenge! Looking forward to joining your journey. ♥