Friday, February 11, 2011

Phases of weight gain denial...

Apparently I've been in "size denial" for years and didn't really know it. I thought I was wearing a 22/24...but really I was stretching the 22/24's to fit and really should have been in a 26/28. I know this now because now that I'm down almost 50 lbs, 22/24's from JC Penny are fitting perfectly. *Sigh*....I wish smaller was fitting, but I'll take it. I'm so incredibly happy with the way I look right now...even if the size says "22/24".

Thank goodness for my clothing hoarding and the clothing swaps I've been doing with friends...or else I'd have nothing to wear. I can't afford to shop right now...but I just received a load of new-used pants from my roommate that should tide me over through the "22" portion of this weight loss phase. When summer comes, I KNOW I have some smaller summer pants waiting to be unearthed from my "some day I'll wear these again" I should be able to get by till the fall I think.

Next fill monday. I've decided I do need it for sure. I'm just not quite there yet...getting closer, but not there.

I ate a donut yesterday...a whole maple bar without any issue at all. That just ain't right. I didn't go over my calories for the day...but it sure didn't add any nutritional value. LOL

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  1. i was doing the same thing with my pants. I stretched those puppies as far as they would go. I am so happy for you!