Monday, February 14, 2011

It was like the Hokey Pokey...but different...

You have 6 cc's in
You take 6 cc's out
You put 8 cc's in and you shake em all about
you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around

...and swallow two sips of water, discover that you can't get them down...and out comes 8 cc's!!! my second fill...well...I'd say "it didn't go well", but if you spin it into the realm of "great learning experience"...I guess it wasn't so bad. I'm still here, right?

So just like I said in my cheesy song...we started off by pulling all 6 cc's out of my band that I started the day with, and then put 8 cc's back in the 11 cc band. Then Dr. H. left the room and I was left with the tech to drink my 8 ounces of water before leaving. I took my first sip and IMMEDIATELY noticed a drastic difference. It just CRAWLED down my throat...I was joking with the tech that "the old days" of chugging my water were clearly over.

Then I took the second sip...and waited...and waited...and waited....and started to notice that this was getting terribly uncomfortable. At that point I asked if I could stand up, thinking that would somehow help. It didn't. I finally got that sip down and went for the 3rd. I'm pretty sure that was the last sip attempted. After waiting about 3 minutes for it to go down, the tech said "do you want me to call the doctor back for an unfill?", to which I said yes. Another 5 minutes went by before he came in, during which I think I discovered what "sliming" feels like, as my throat started filling with mucus.

No longer able to swallow my own saliva at this point, I laid back down on the bed and Dr. H. started prepping me again for the unfill. I started breathing slow and steady, willing myself not to vomit even though all I had in me was about 3 tablespoons of water. I could not swallow ANYTHING at this point and my mouth was filling up with saliva and slime. The pressure in my chest was getting heavier and heavier. I could feel my entire body flushing. When he finally got the needle in and removed the fluid, I INSTANTLY felt relief. I was able to swallow what was in my mouth and finally everything eased up.

Wow...that was NOT fun! Thank GOD they make you swallow 8 ounces of water before letting you leave! I can't imagine what it would have been like to not discover that till later on and have to wait till the next day for an unfill!

Dr. H put 7 cc's back in the band and said that we have to take it slow from here on out. No more big fills...which is now fine with me.

After he replaced the 7 cc's I was able to drink my 8 ounces of water no problem. But the residual effects of the event lingered for the day to the point that I rescheduled my workout with the trainer for Saturday. My back is killing me and I feel like I've been through hell. I just want to lay down and rest. It's now on ME to workout on my own tomorrow and thursday to make up for today. The trainer is coming Wednesday though. I'm a little dissapointed in myself for flaking out...but I don't feel like I could give it my all.

Another 36 hours of liquids to go...I have a feeling I'm going to notice the restriction a tad bit sooner this time around.


  1. that sounds horrible. I go for my 3rd fill this week, maybe I shouldn't ask for a big fill.

  2. Shannon, does your doctor have you drink water before you leave the office? I'm no pro at this, but that helped me to know for sure I was too tight.

  3. OF course you can meet up with us, please email me at so I can add you to the distribution list. It will be a meet-up lunch in Eugene on 3/5. Looking forward to meeting you :)