Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm back, baby!

I just knocked out 45 minutes on my eliptical! This is pre-surgery 2002 workout levels ya'll! I feel effing fabulous!

My last workout with the trainer I didn't touch the 3 pound weights...did the whole routine with 5's and am ready to move on to 8's with a couple of the exercises...especially the bench press. Those 5's felt wimpy with that one. I'm gonna text him and tell him not to even bring the 3's anymore cuz I'm moving on up! Booya!

So happy to be in the workout groove! It's been so long since I've felt like this! LOVE IT!

I'm so excited to go to Eugene to meet some fellow band-bloggers in a couple weeks. I've gotten a sweet deal on a room in Portland and am going to make a weekend out of it with my friend Tina. Can't wait!!!

OH...and P.S....Just put on size 20 stretch jeans I had in storage. Yeah...and they zipped. I think I'm gonna wait anotheer week or two to wear them to avoid any camel toe situations, but they totally fit! (This is a Lane Bryant 20....I haven't dropped two pant sizes this week. LB always cuts generously. But I'm still happy!)

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  1. Keep it up...exercise is the the secret to successful weightloss and maintenance