Sunday, February 6, 2011

Already a week away from my next follow up...

Wow...time has flown. Last week I wasn't sure I would want a fill at the next appointment, but after this weekend I know I still need one for sure. Today I ate "bagel pizza bites" two servings...with no problem. I know I shouldn't be able to eat bread quite this easily so I do need a fill. I think the scale will indicate that for the doctor as well. But I'm still extremely pleased with where I'm at. I'm most of all pleased with my progress in getting back into working out. I wish I was at 5-6 days a week, but I'm very happy with my 3-5 that I've been consistent with. All in all, I'm in a happy place right now.

1 comment:

  1. just remember that the band works differently for everyone. just because a group of people can't eat a type of food when they have a good fill doesn't mean that everyone will have the same food restrictions. If it feels right for your body then go for it.
    awesome job with the working out! its so hard to get to the gym when you r just not feeling it :)