Saturday, February 26, 2011

246.8...I'm pretty happy with that

That was what my scale said this morning...246.8. OMG...what a great way to come back from a business trip!

So happy to be home from Austin. The plane ride felt twice as long as the one on the way there. It didn't help that I had a middle seat. I'm so proud to say that not only is a "seatbelt extender" no longer needed, but I also don't encroach on my neighbors space anymore. HOWEVER...the girl sitting to my right last night, who was a good 50 pounds less than me, kept elbowing me as she feverishly pecked at her calculator while doing her homework. SO ANNOYING. I kept looking to see if somehow I had spilled over into her space, but nope...she was just all up in my business. was just a long flight.

The flight ran into dinner time, which if the NOT SO "SuperShuttle" hadn't screwed up my trip to the airport I would have drunk the protein drink I had planned. However that didn't happen...the drink had to be checked because you can't take liquids through security...cuz my protein drink is, of course, a threat to national security. Anyway, I ended up buying a cheeseburger on the plane. I took off the bottom bun (cuz the cheese glued the top part and the burger together), sliced the burger in half and then stacked it to make essentially a double cheeseburger. I then took small bites, uncertain how the bread was going to really do. I did eventually get a little "stuck", I guess you would call it, on the last bite. That last bite just crawled it's way down my throat...took about 5 minutes or so to clear. A little uncomfortable, but NOTHING like the feelings I had during that fill, so I musta just "topped off".

I'm totally proud of how much exercise I did this last week. Mark came for my workout monday morning. Tuesday I did 40 minutes on the elliptical before I left for the airport. Wednesday and Friday I did HIIT training in the hotel gym. But also on friday I walked and walked and walked around Austin. Not fast...cuz I don't do fast, but I opted to walk instead of taking a taxi between hotels. I did this Tuesday afternoon, too. That is a huge deal for me because with my disability, I have historically not wanted to walk around strange towns (crossing streets scares me because I don't move fast)...but I did it. So totally proud of myself!

I sorta wish the weather hear at home wasn't so bad...I'd love to do the walking trail at the park. I guess I'll just go out and do the elliptical instead.