Monday, January 10, 2011

Oy..."hell" is a place full of declicious foods and NO RESTRICTION

Yes...I'm in hell. And the devil totally had my back this weekend. Pizza, Chinese food, brownies, OH MY!

I've decided that since my stomach can apparently handle ANYTHING that I can go ahead and utilize the rest of my Medifast food for this week while I wait for my first fill...cuz otherwise, I'm truly going to gain back every pound I have lost so far. In my never-ending quest for that "full feeling" I'm just plain consuming too much of bad choices. I need to narrow my options for a while.

As such, my menu for today is as follows:

8am - Medifast Chocolate Shake
10am - Medifast pretzels
12pm - 1/2 cup Chili with cheese and 3 saltine crackers
2pm - Medifast hot cocoa
4pm - Medifast Cranberry Mango drink
6pm - Medifast Peanut Butter Bar

This comes in at about 900 calories and 95 grams of protein and leaves me wiggle room for a pudding or something if I get hungry later but doesn't "over fill" me so I SHOULD get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Also...big news...I have my FIRST session with the personal trainer tonight. I SOOOOO can't wait for this. I'll admit...a lot of my "justification" for eating this weekend was because I knew I would be starting to workout hard this week. And while I did eat things I seriously shouldn't have, I kept my TOTAL calorie intake for those days that I mean, I was pretty much full for the rest of the day after eating those high calorie things over lunch so I didn't totaly screw things up for myself. I guess in THAT regard, the band is currently working...because for me to be able to eat a plate of Chinese food at lunch and NOT want more food later in the day is a bit of a freakin miracle if you ask me.

Anyway, excited about tonight...I hope to be sore tomorrow in all the good ways! :)

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