Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not eating enough and not taking propper supplements = feeling like doody!

I consumed roughly 400 calories Monday.
I consumed about 630 calories Tuesday.
I have NOT taken my calcium/magnesium supplement since surgery. (I truly didn't think I needed it)
I stopped taking my potassium supplement after my fill monday. (Too big for Frito Bandito now)

All this makes for one very sore, very irritable, very tired Becki!

But I have made appropriate changes. I did not understand the importance of the Calcium/Magnesium supplement and starting last night am doing better about taking twice it a day (I took it last night and this morning).

I learned from a pharmacist what my options were for the potassium supplement. Sadly, the option makes me want to gag...but I got 20 MEq down today, which is about how much I usually need.

And I'm doing my best to increase calories. Today I ate cream of wheat made with 2% milk for breakfast, had a MF drink, potatoes made with milk for mid morning snack, and plan on eating cream of chicken soup made with milk for lunch,  pudding for mid-day snack, a protein drink for dinner and then perhaps a piece of cheese tonight (which will be my first solid since the fill). That comes in at 1028 calories and 80 grams of protein. CRAP...still not enough calories. Can I have some ice cream or something? I seriously don't know what to do about this...PLUS I have a workout tonight with the trainer.

Since taking the potassium and the cal mag this morning, I'm starting to feel a LOT more human. Now if I could just figure out this calorie issue. Seriously...who would have ever thought I'd be struggling to get enough? WTF?


  1. im glad your fills are working for you, I am so hungry all the time I am struggling not to eat more than 1200cals. glad your feeling better though

  2. Shannon, what are you eating to get your calories so high? I'm still on "full liquids" which is why I'm struggling to get enough. Have you moved beyond that already? I get to go to soft solids late tonight/early tomorrow. I have to wait 48 hours after a fill before I can have solid food. Once I'm on soft solids, it won't be a struggle anymore, I promise. LOL