Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome 2011...I'm expecting a lot out of you this year!

Well...good news, bad news time.

Bad news is...I've discovered (as of the NYE party last night) that I can tolerate the following items without problems...meatballs in bbq sauce, pigs in blankets, ruffles, cream puffs and pound cake. Ugh...while I probably ONLY ate about 500 calories worth, I really wish I hadn't even tried. It was way too soon to try those things...but I had ZERO discomfort.

Now for the good news...ish. My roommates boyfriend brought me a 1/2 cup serving his homemade baked mac and cheese...which is impossible for me to resist. So I had problem (I realize this is bad...but I swear there is good news coming). He saved another 1/2 cup serving for me so I tried to eat that some time later and I THINK...for the first time...I might have possibly felt "restriction"...because it took a good minute for the last bite to go down...and when it went down, it went down slow and put up a fight. I resisted the urge to "wash it down" with a drink of water. I waited my full 30 minutes before drinking water in fact...and now I hope to not eat at all for the rest of the day (not impossible since it's already 5pm).

I know I've screwed up. UGH...I can't wait to go to work on monday. It is so much freakin easier to eat properly and on a schedule when I am at work. I swear if I were perpetually unemployed, I'd easily weigh about 1000 pounds.

So lets talk resolutions. I'm actually not one to make resolutions...but since I'm starting this year with my new "tool", I think it's a good time to set a few goals into we go...

1. I resolve to focus on nutrient rich proteins first, out of respect for my new friend, Frito Bandito.
2. I resolve to work towards getting some form of exercise, 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. Some form can be as much as walking around downtown Olympia on my lunch break if I have to. The garage gym will be functional by the end of the first weekend of the new year.
3. I resolve to learn to play guitar.

The last one is a traditional resolution. Who knows...maybe I'll get on that one this year....but really, if I have time to be practicing guitar, shouldn't I be exercising? Hmmmm....

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