Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbye for now, scale low of 253.8...until we meet again...

The time has least for now...for me to stop taking my water pill. My potassium is dropping to ranges that can be controlled by prescription potassium pills, but those pills are "extended release" and therefore not an option for me anymore. I don't know if it's the low calories or the extra exertion with exercise (me thinks it's the latter), but my potassium is no longer in my the water pills gotta go lest this become a dangerous situation for my heart.

As such, it's very likely I will gain some water weight for a while until I find a new "normal". *sigh*....I'll miss seeing the scale go down for a while. Hopefully things will stabilize in the next week or two and then start going down again.

Sure will be nice to sleep through the night without waking at 4am to twitching and Charlie-horsing muscles...I won't miss that! Three days in a row was more than enough.

My trainer kicked my ass last it!!! I did think of a way to "replicate" his current routine by creating a timed prompting on PowerPoint and just running through everything in front of my laptop (thus saving me some money), however right now, I need to pay for the encouragement to "push through", cuz if he weren't there, I'd so totally slack off! LOL

I had eaten so lightly before the workout that I was FAMISHED when it was over. I've never been one of those people who can use exercise to reduce hunger...NEVER. I don't even understand those people. Anyway, I had a little food party before going to bed...but I was really good and focused on protein. My party was 3/4 oz of gouda, 3 crackers, 1 pepperoni stick and a pickle. I punched the additional calories into FitDay this morning and my totals for yesterday were 923 calories and 80 grams of protein. I gotta find a couple hundred more calories. I'm going to start adding 1/2 of a banana and some berries to my shakes, which will add 150 calories to my day...that ought to help a little.

My weekend starts tonight! Only a few more days till my first fill!

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  1. i hate waking up to those pains! they suck! I am starting to stress about getting back with a personal trainer because I am no were near were I wanted to be physically by now. but I hear the not being able to kick your own butt thing.