Monday, January 3, 2011

First post-op appointment with surgeon

The highlights of my day:
  • I am down 5 pounds since the day of surgery (today's weight, 254)
  • Down 9 pounds since consult with Dr. Hunter on December 17
  • My steri-strips fell off in the shower today
  • The worlds smallest yogurt just filled me up (Activia lite)
  • My first fill is scheduled for January 17!
I am progressing fabulously! In fact, I no longer have to puree my food as long as I remember to chew well. I've had NO episodes of nausea or vomiting, no pain in my stomach, nothing. I read so many blogs from bandsters that had so many issues since day of surgery and I feel so blessed to be doing so well! As of right now, I have zero regrets! I hope this continues!

I'm having un-pureed Chili for dinner tonight and I can't wait! Tomorrow, my old favorite...Chicken Tortilla Soup!

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