Monday, January 17, 2011

First Fill Today...

and I feel NOTHING. LOL....they put 5cc in my 11cc band, and then asked me to drink 6 ounces of water, which I promptly did and felt gurgle, no trouble getting the water down, nadda. The fluoro tech looked confused and concerned. She told me to make sure to let Dr. Hunter know on the way out that I felt nothing at all. I did...he said "wait till you eat solid food, you should feel something then". I guess I wait till thursday morning's "first soft foods meal" till I can tell if anything has changed.

In the mean time, I'm UP six pounds since my last appointment 2 weeks ago....which can't possibly be fat due to how many calories I've consumed in the last two weeks...but it's still no fun to have that weight gain charted on your record.

The fill was a piece of fact Dr. Hunter said that my port is very easy to find and we won't need to use the fluoro that's cool.

I spent today making a couple of soups which are now stored in 1 cup containers in the freezer. I drank some of the the "tortilla soup" broth just now...delicious for my first try. By the way...sucked that bad boy down without a "gurgle" too....*sigh*

I received "the bill" for my surgery...for $19k plus...slight booboo there since they neglected to submit it to my insurance company. I called the billing department today to let them know there was a problem...but at least now I know for sure that I will be paying 15% of $19,000. I wasn't 100% sure of my total cost going in but that's pretty much how much I had estimated. do my taxes so I can pay for little Frito Bandito.

I have my 3rd session with the trainer in an hour, so I'm gonna go get a little rest and get ready for that.


  1. my surgeon put 4cc in my 10cc band and said nothing was going through for the fluro but I felt nothing different. Now that I am eating solid foods again I still feel no different at all. I have my second fill on the 20th

  2. I hope your second fill makes a difference. I never would have imagined I would be one of those people that wouldn't feel restriction right away, but I know some people it takes several fills till they get there. Good luck, Shannon!