Monday, January 31, 2011

250.3….or 251.6…stupid scale, but I’ll take either!

Cuz no matter what, the scale is finally heading DOWN!

The 250.3 was my nekky weight right after peeing this morning….then, once again…after reveling in the glory (and starting my morning routine) whilst not consuming ANYTHING, I weighed myself AGAIN and it was up to 251.6. Why do I torture myself this way? LOL Subsequent weighings produced another 251.6 and a 251.4. I don’t care…I broke my “scale low” finally! YAY!

I am back to fiddling with the water pills, so I’m sure that helped…but no matter the reason, I’m a happy girl. I’m trying to take the hydrocholorthiazide based on how I’m feeling/ankle poofiness, instead of just taking a whole pill every day or cutting them out completely. For example, I know my water weight always goes back up on Mondays because I spend much of the day sitting in a chair with my legs hanging down…but my ankles were NOT poofy at all this morning, so I only took ½ of the daily dose. The true test will be over the next couple of days to see if my electrolytes stay in check.

This weekend I did a solid 30-40 minutes of exercise (30 min on elliptical, and roughly 10 minutes on the Total Gym) Saturday and Sunday I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and another 10 minutes of various leg exercises that were probably ineffectual but I need to do SOMETHING. I don’t want to end up with a fabulous upper body and a saggy booty. I gotta figure something out here.

The trainer comes in again tonight and I can’t wait. I’m down to two days a week now to help keep the total costs down so it’s up to me to keep up my workouts when he is not around. This also means keeping up the intensity, which I can say with authority I did NOT do yesterday. I really half-assed it…so I clearly have some work to do.

As for food, this is where things have really changed. Because I cut out my protein drinks last week to try to resolve my “digestive issues”, I really started to kinda notice how the band is affecting my eating…and I like it. As I posted, I was able to eat less pizza and less chicken and fries at dinner the other night. But then Saturday I went out to dinner with a girlfriend and while EVERYTHING on the menu looked delicious, my selections were quite different from “the old days”. Before the band, I would have eaten 4 or more of the “pre-dinner rolls” that they provide, that just MELT in your mouth…and then would have proceeded to eat a bacon cheeseburger and steak fries. Oh how I wanted to order that…but I knew that the bun would just be too much. So, instead I ordered a cup of chili and a “lite” blackened Chicken Caesar (which I believe is a ½ order of their usual size). I ate 1 and ½ of the rolls, the chili and ½ of the chicken Caesar and then stopped when I felt satisfied. I’m sure still more calories than I should, but I’m putting this in the win column anyway.

Sunday I went out to eat again with friends for lunch. I nibbled at a potato appetizer that we shared, and then ate 2 of the 5 “naked” chicken wings I ordered. I think I might have to start taking food containers to restaurants with me cuz I keep bringing stuff home in containers that are making me feel guilty about their impact on the environment. Seriously.

Then dinner time came and I had made a shredded beef recipe I had seen on a Food Network program. I sat with my friends for this “taco” dinner and ate…drumroll please…ONE taco! ONE! Wow…pre band, I coulda shoved 4-6 down my gullet, easily. I got to the last two bites of my ONE taco and had to take a breather. I could not believe it! I’m so happy I could cry! I also didn’t spend the day “nibbling”. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner and that was it! I went to a movie with a friend and he offered to buy snacks, which I never buy at movies anyway but it was so easy to say “no thank you” without hesitation. There is something to this “eating solid food” instead of liquid protein thing. Wow…just wow.

The other thing is that I really didn’t “track” calories and protein this weekend…I just needed a break from it…and I got rewarded with less hunger, a lower scale number, and I wore my tight workout clothes in public and felt kinda cute. Oh…and I fit comfortably in the theatre seat. Things are looking up for the airplane flight next month! :)

P.S. I just got home from work after writing this earlier and my legs are terribly swollen. I don't care what the scale says tomorrow...cuz I know I broke the low today. :)

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