Saturday, December 18, 2010

So much has gone on...

It's been a busy few days! But I have so much to say. Let me start with this...

Dr. Jerk’s office called tuesday. It seems that they have received the results of my sleep study that I told them I would forward to them after he called me a liar (see first post).
Let me backtrack just for a bit here. My sleep study was done at a sleep institute. I reviewed the results with a doctor who specialized in sleep medicine. At the time, my doctors exact words were “we were surprised to find that you do not have sleep apnea, however you do move your legs 380 times per hour on average”…thus confirming my restless leg syndrome that I had self-diagnosed and was the reason I wanted the sleep test to begin with.
Obviously, since I did not have sleep apnea, there was no need for a C-PAP…therefore one was never ordered.
Now bear in mind, I had this test done during a time where it seemed like everyone I KNEW was being diagnosed with sleep apnea and all were “required” to get a C-PAP…I was starting to think it was some sort of financial boon for the C-PAP equipment industry, and I fully expected them to say I needed one as well, but was delightfully surprised to learn that it wasn’t at all necessary.
So getting back to today…the nurse calls to inform me that the results of my sleep test that I submitted from the sleep institute back then were received by the doctor.
Nurse: “Dr. Jerk has reviewed your sleep study results that you had sent to us and they indicate that you have “moderate sleep apnea”, and therefore a C-PAP will be required before Dr. Jerk will proceed with surgery”
Me: “Huh…that’s interesting. Why didn’t the sleep specialist think I had sleep apnea?”
Nurse: “I don't know, but it's clear from your results that you do, in fact, have moderate apnea. You will need to get a C-PAP before we can proceed."

Me: "Ok, well thanks for the information. Buh-bye"
According to this guy (who I clearly already have a pretty low opinion of), who does not specialize in sleep medicine...I have apnea...which is interesting, since the Doctor whose entire practice is based around sleep disturbance, didn't think that I did. I wonder which guy I will choose to believe...hmmmm...

So Yeah...that was Tuesday. By the end of Tuesday, I started feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. My throat was starting to hurt pretty bad, and I was physically exhausted. I left work an hour early. Bad time to get sick with surgery only 9 days away!!!

The next morning I felt much worse and went to a walk-in clinic for a strep test. I wanted to get antibiotics on-board quickly if I needed them. I so don't want this surgery to be cancelled again! :(

The rapid strep test came back negative. Somewhat relieved that it was "just a virus", I went home to rest and drink plenty of fluids...anything I could do to make this all go away. I stayed home from work Wednesday but returned for the first half of Thursday. I don't think that was a great idea. I felt like death by the time I got home. Swallowing anything was horribly painful. I knew all my pre-op appointments were the next day...I needed to be HEALTHY!!!

So that brings us to Friday...where I FINALLY got to meet with Dr. Hunter, my nutritionist and my anesthesiologist.

Can I just say right now...that even with all my anxiety about going back to Virginia Mason, given my horrible history with them...I think this is the right team for me. Everyone was so over-the top nice...and so thorough. Dr. Hunter remembers me from previous procedures and asked how I was doing. He noticed that I'm walking with one crutch now, remembering that I was on 2 in the past (and a walker before that). He did counsel that his suggestion would be for bypass and that lap band takes work...but he wasn't aggressive and obnoxious about it like Dr. Jerk was. I'm ready for the work...this is what I want. He also stated that lap band has a 15-20% failure rate...which oddly enough is far more in line with my own research, as opposed to the 70% failure rate Dr. Jerk was preaching. When I told him Lap Band was what I wanted, he didn't argue, he just continued on explaining risks and benefits.

The admitting nurse in anesthesiology was fabulous. I told her about my concern about vomiting after waking from anesthesia (cuz I always do) and she said no problem...we got something for that. I then told her about my extreme anxiety about even walking into that hospital. She completely understood and talked to Dr. Hunter about giving me a Valium to take before coming to the hospital. This was the one thing I felt I needed to get through this event. The thought of walking down that hallway just brings back a flood of memories and feelings. I think the valium will help...and so do they. I'm so relieved!
As I was walking out of the clinic for the day, the doctor I had seen for my throat on Wednesday called….the culture did in fact grow a bacteria. GREAT! Just what I need L…she said, however, that it is a bacteria our body usually fights on it’s own, but since I was having surgery in less than a week, they wanted to get me on antibiotics right away. In a way I was glad…my throat wasn’t feeling any better so now at least there was a treatment coming that could make a difference.
So here we are, roughly 24 hours into antibiotics. My throat is hurting less (I can swallow without agony now), but I’m still running a fever. Ugh…why? Why is this happening now? I will continue to rest through the weekend and keep my fingers crossed for Thursday!

I'm headed back to bed...hopefully next time I write, it will be about how fantastic I'm feeling!

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