Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm a mutant...I'm sure of it.

5 days post op, and I'm STILL at 261 pounds. I'm literally consuming less than 700 calories a day, and my weight is NOT coming off? WTH? LOL...I'm not freaking out, I swear...I just don't understand how it's possible. So annoying...

Hopefully I will look back on this and laugh...from somewhere in the 140's. LOL

For the record, I'm still on full liquids, which is so so so much better than clear liquids. I feel "satisfied" most of the time, but I still am looking forward to CHEWING on something soon. I'm doing the food schedule I posted the other day, consuming 1/2 cup of full liquid every couple hours with water in between. As I type this, I am 1 1/2 hours out from the last meal of tomato soup and 1/2 of a ready-to-eat cup of sugar free pudding and I feel quite comfortable. The pudding actually put me over the 1/2 cup limit, but I figured since soup is truly a "slider" food that there was pleanty of room above Frito Bandito for the pudding and I just wanted to "feel full" for a change. All this soup has just been flowing right on through.

I also took my 2 water pills this morning. I stopped taking them day of surgery and I think maybe that is why the scale is not moving. I know at some point I might not need the water pills anymore...I just don't know WHEN that will really be. I'll have to discuss that with the surgeon I guess. I didn't think I needed them because honestly my ankles look fantastic...but clearly I'm retaining water somewhere.

I feel like I've tolerated this whole process so well. The pain in my abs hasn't been that bad. I probably could have easily returned to work today but I'm glad that I still have some time for healing. It's a little disappointing that I don't have immediate restriction, but that is fine...just will make that first fill that much more "special" I guess.

Jenn is coming down today...says she is going to make me some chicken tortilla soup, minus the chicken, avocado, cheese and tortillas...LOL...I can't wait! I love the broth from the soup at Azteca...if this turns out right, the recipe will be repeated on the regular! LOL

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