Friday, December 24, 2010

Frito Bandito is in the hizzy!

Hello from the other side! Yes sir...I'm officially "banded"...though I'm not sure I would know the difference if it weren’t for the 5 new incisions and the abdominal muscular pain. Beyond that...I'm STARVING!!! 1 oz of water or jell-o every 15 minutes is not very satisfying. But I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I heal properly!

Surgery day went off without a hitch! Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better. I took the Ativan as we were taking the exit for the hospital at about 5:15. Some minor trepidation as I walked in...but I can't imagine how much worse it would have been had I not taken the med. It took some time between check in and finally transferring over to the OR table at about 8am...which by that point a flood of memories came back as they put the mask over my face. Some tears started to well up in my eyes, but within another 30 seconds, I was out.

By 9:30 I was apparently out of surgery.

I don't remember waking up...or being moved to my room. Apparently I was awake cuz Sonja said my eyes were open, but I have zero memory of it. When I did finally become more conscious, I was fully aware of the pain in my BACK between my shoulder blades. I think my first words were "I need a massage!". For most of the rest of the day this is where my pain was. I was in and out of consciousness all day, waking ever 15 minutes for Sonja to feed me my tiny 1 oz sip of water that I was allowed. Ugh...1 oz of water does NOT quench thirst. I was so grateful every time that timer went off and I could take another sip. We ordered up some broth and jell-o to be sent to the room, but the only thing I really ate was some of the Jell-O, I just wanted the water so damn bad! And a massage! LOL...Sonja rubbed my back a little and it helped sooooo much.

I walked down the hall and went to the bathroom at about 12:30. This time I cried a little again...out of sheer happiness. Getting up and walking down the hall after surgery was what I was NEVER able to accomplish back in 2002. I was so relieved to be doing it this time, it was so emotional. Besides...walking seriously helped the back pain!

By 5pm I was discharged and heading home.

I took a pillow and blanket as so many had recommended, but I don't think anyone notified the Seattle streets department. Stupid streets were so bumpy till we got on the freeway. I didn't know it was hurting me till I got home and got out of the car...then BAM! First time I felt the incisions all day. Yep...there they are. They bled through the bandages a bit from all the moving about, but I think they are ok.

I did pretty well staying ahead of the pain last night, resting in my own bed, drinking my water every 15 minutes as allowed. Alan came over and rubbed my back more and as such, I think 95% of the gas pain is now gone. My back feels fantastic! My abs, on the other feel like I did 200 crunches!

I am awake, I am alert and I am mobile. Now...I just am so excited to step through the steps to the first fill.

So nice to be on the other side. I guess NOW it is "real". :)

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