Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eggs and Grits!

It's pureed food time! WOHOOO!!! I'm celebrating this advancement by starting my day with scrambled eggs and grits. Delicious. Later I'm having some pureed chilli. I'm so excited!

Scale is down to 257.2 this morning...this is after re-incorporating water pills. I wish I didn't have to do that, but I guess that is the reality for my body. Everything feels fine except for the port incision. Wow...I had a pain from that last night that almost caused me to drive off the road. I hope the port is not shifting, because I swear that is what it feels like is happening when I feel that pain.

Yesterday I was hungry ALL DAY. I'm hoping that the addition of pureed foods into my diet will resolve this a little bit. This is not head hunger....this is honest to goodness, tummy rumbling hunger. I even ate a couple hundred calories worth of soup last night before bed because I couldn't stand it anymore. I still stayed under 1000 calories for the day though, so I'm ok with what I did. I can't sleep when I'm hungry like that.

We had funky "dippin dot" snow last night that froze on the roads over night, so from a commute perspective, I couldn't have picked a better time to have to stay home due to surgery. I am looking forward to returning to work though. It's always been easy for me to not obsess over food on a work day so it will be nice to have that regimented schedule again.

I'm very motivated to start working out as soon as I can. Right now I don't think I should do much due to the pain I'm feeling around the port...and I can't go walking due to the stupid hopefully this motivation will stick around long enough for me to actually start something.

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