Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 4 Pre-Op diet...I'm hungry :(

Today I'm struggling with hunger...already. I started the A.M. with a protein shake at 7:15am, it is now 10:15 and I'm really hungry! I didn't think I was gonna make it to lunch so I ate a 1/2 serving of roasted almonds...hopefully that and some water will get me through the next 2.5 hours.

I also survived the weekend. The scale was down to 263.4 this morning on my first try...subsequent tries put it more at the 264 that's what I'm calling it. I hope to get into the 250's before surgery. I know a lot of people lose quite a bit on their pre-op diet, but I've been dieting since August...there will be no "whoosh" of a loss for me. I'm much happier on this surgeons "low carb" pre-op plan than the Medifast stuff though. I'll still use my Medifast stuff post-op since it's mostly liquid and choc-full-o protein. I think that will help me get through bandster hell...that's my plan anyway. When I was doing Medifast full-force, I found foods that I don't mind the taste of, but oy...the soy! All that soy can't be healthy for a girl. I'm sure it caused a variety of problems...from extra long cycles to hair loss. I just don't think that much soy is happy to be reducing that now.

Last night as I was eating my evening meal of low-carb taco salad, I was really cognizant of the SIZE of it...this is part of why I fail on low carb diets. I got the low carb part down pat...but the portion sizes were just not helping to keep my calories LOW. All I kept thinking while eating that delicious salad was "once you have the band, you won't be able to eat even a quarter of this"...I'm very excited for that restrictive opportunity.

The other reason I fail on diets is because I have this thing in my brain that causes me to want something "off plan"...and then once I give in to having that something, it leads to an all out binge for days...where I am constantly telling myself "better have some of this now, cuz I'm dieting again tomorrow and will never be able to have it again"...and then usually tomorrow get's pushed to next week or next month and before you know it, BAM...regained all weight I might have already lost.

I'm hoping that with the band I no longer feel the "you'll never be able to have it again" feeling and will be able to eat just a little of this and a smidge of that without having it throw me completely off track as it has in the past. I think this is a realistic way to consider using the band as a tool. I know I'm good at dieting...when I stick. I need help sticking after I indulge just a little...this is where I fall apart. I already know I can be content on low carb foods...but I want the option to have a small piece of cake with the office staff celebrating a party without it leading me down the path of going back for seconds, then buying a bag of chips and saying "screw it" and making a full spaghetti dinner.

I really think this is the right tool for the job.

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