Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 1 Pre-Op diet

Scale firmly planted at 267 this morning. Up 2 from last week...but I think it's the carbs from switching back to Medifast after 2 weeks on <20 grams of carb per day for Dr. Jerk, to be honest. This pre-op diet is much lower carb than medifast...maybe I should just stay off the scale of the next two weeks. Hmmm....betcha I can't do it.

Today I did the vanilla whey shake for breakfast at 7am, which actually held me quite well till about 11:30, when I was suddenly starving. I had "Happy Salad" from the Teriyaki place for lunch, which I just have to "guess" about how many calories/carbs in that....I'm guessing high cuz the dressing is sweet. Dinner will be a chocolate shake.

Oy...I gotta find a way to keep this interesting for two weeks.

I'm contemplating my scale habit post surgery. Right now I weigh daily...nekky, pre-breakfast, post-potty weight. I'm thinking perhaps I should hide the scale after surgery for the first 8 weeks? I need to think on this more. My thinking is maybe if I get into "bandster hell", as I've seen so many people call it...maybe I just don't want to know. There is of course the post-surgical water weight that will last a few days...and then the possible gain from adding carbs back in during the mushy phase...and then that few weeks with no restriction. Maybe it would just be best to wait and see what the scale at the surgeon's office says when I go for my first checkup. Yet again...something for me to ponder....

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